In a Rhiza presentation, you can add as many visualizations as you need; you can even add multiple visualizations of the same type but with different configurations to show different aspects of the data.

To add a visualization, click Add Viz and pick the visualization type you want.

Click Add Viz to add a visualization

When you add a new visualization, it's added to the top of the page and it has the following general settings by default:

  • 1x height (this is the smallest height a visualization can have)
  • Full-page width

You can customize any visualization, as well as the size and order in which they appear on the page. In addition, you can add notes for a visualization to help provide context for the sales user (or anyone else) who will be using the visualization to tell the sales story.

Now that you've added a visualization, customize it. See Configuring A Visualization.

Last Updated: 8/4/2018, 4:57:10 PM