Rhiza Basic

Rhiza is a web-based data exploration and visualization platform, powered by Nielsen data. It gives one-stop access to several robust datasets:

  • Scarborough Local Market Survey, with local TV and radio data
  • Scarborough USA+, with national consumer insights
  • IHS Polk New Registrations (information about car registrations at a dealer level)
  • Nielsen Ad Intel ad-spend data
  • Nielsen Local Monthlies quarter-hour viewing and ratings information
  • AggData (business location information)

Rhiza Basic also provides templates, organized by business category, theme, or context. These templates are pre-built presentations; all you need to do is enter one or two parameters (for example, a station name or a car dealership) and press a button. Rhiza will generate a customized, data-rich presentation full of appealing maps, charts, and graphs to visualize that data.

So, what does all this mean? It means salespeople are more empowered than ever to have meaningful conversations with local advertisers. Why? Because all of the data you need is at your fingertips, and creating a compelling story is as simple as entering a few parameters and pressing a button.

Last Updated: 8/4/2018, 5:20:21 PM