To share or present your findings with others, you can create a Microsoft PowerPoint version of your presentation in just a few easy steps. Every part of your presentation -- from labels to individual geographic shapes -- is editable within the generated PowerPoint, although you might need to use the ungrouping options in PowerPoint to access certain aspects of the visualization. Graphics are exported as vector files, which means that they can be resized without losing quality, and can be edited in third-party products.

Each visualization in the presentation is placed on its own slide in the PowerPoint version, in the order they are found in the presentation. The visualization is scaled to fill the slide.

If you have a long title for your visualization, it can run off the slide. Be sure to always check your slides and make edits as needed before showing them to a client!

  1. Open your presentation.

  2. Click Generate PowerPoint.

    The Generate PowerPoint button is at the top right of the presentation window

    Once the PowerPoint generation is finished, this button text changes to "Download PowerPoint."

  3. Click Download PowerPoint.

  4. Open the PowerPoint version of the presentation and make any changes you need. Remember that you may need to edit long visualization titles because they tend to run off the PowerPoint slide.

If you make changes to your presentation after you've generated the PowerPoint, the Generate PowerPoint button becomes available to you so you can update your PowerPoint.

Last Updated: 8/3/2018, 5:57:24 PM